Stadia is an experimental sports project which creates NFT vector reconstructions of great stadiums around the world.


We’re not like the other NFTs

STAD is our token, so why the hell would you want some STAD? Firstly it’s the only way to own a stadium. Secondly it’s an ERC20 token with a 20k max supply and no mint function. Or perhaps you just want to be part of a crypto sports project which clearly actually understands sport and wants to build a community.

You can stake STAD LP to earn more STAD, or stake it for NFTs.

Whilst the vector stadiums will continue to be pushed out, we will broaden our horizons out of just football stadiums (or soccer for Americans, but note our NFTs call it Association Football, so that argument is dead on arrival) these NFTs can be used for competitions, earning our native token, STAD.

Wander over to our Opensea to collect your own sweet Stadium NFTs.

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