So what’s coming next for STAD? Prediction Markets is the aim and we want STAD to be used for your sports predictions. We already have had a super fun Euros competition using NFTs. So let’s crack on and build this community.

We know a subsection of people like to take the piss out of NFTs with banal statements like “expensive jpeg”, yeah well we already created an NFTX pool and SushiSwap pair, we also threw our own money in there. What this basically means is, if you get rekt and need some cash, you won’t be left with an expensive jpeg, you can trade your stadium NFT for one STADX token and then sell it on Sushi! We have reserves to fund the pool with more liquidity.

Available farm NFTs (updated 14th Oct)

🏏 The Gabba

🏏 Melbourne Cricket Ground

🏟 National Stadium (Taiwan)

🏟 Seoul Olympic Stadium

⚾️ Coors Field

⚾️ T-Mobile Park

⚽️ Estadio Cuauhtémoc

🏟 St Jacok Park

Stadium and custom tokens can be bought on the secondary market.

We imply absolutely zero connection to any of the clubs or stadiums mentioned, interacting with any of our smart contracts on the Ethereum platform should not be seen as an investment, this is an experimental art project.  

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